If you have additional questions, please Contact Us. We will do our best to get them answered quickly. Thanks!

When will the Campground be open for camping?

River Bend camping season is March 1st through November 1st.

Will you allow Campers and Boats to stay in the off-season?

Yes, you will be allowed to store you camper and boat on your lot over the winter.

How big are the Campsites?

Lot sizes vary; the average campsite is about 36 feet wide and 80 feet deep. We do have a few smaller ones that are about 35 feet wide and 60 feet deep, but are still plenty big enough for large campers.

Will you be putting in a pool?

We do not have plans for a pool at this time.  We do, however, have plans for a children’s splash pad.

How many Campsites are there?

We have 131 lots plotted out.  This number is not set in stone, but it will be real close to that.

How will electricity work?

We include hookups for 30 & 50 amp campers on every lot, and electricity is included in the lot rental. The restriction is, we don't want people leaving their A/C running all week if they're gone. We will have a warning/fine system for this spelled out in the rental agreement.

Are the pads gravel, concrete, or grass?

Camper pads are made of limestone.

Are there restrictions on other types of vehicles (golf carts, four-wheelers, etc)?

We allow golf carts.  No four-wheelers, side by sides, or motorcycles are allowed.

Is the Campground pet friendly?

Pets are welcome. There are rules in the rental agreement about excessive barking, dog attacks/bites, etc. If an animal becomes a problem, it will be removed and banned from the facility.

Who will maintain the Campsite lawn?

Lawn maintenance is done by the renter. There will be an option for lawn service at a cost from a third party, who will also be doing the campground’s maintenance.

Are there any additional costs associated with renting at River Bend?

No, the lot rent is it.  It is not taxed, and if you keep your A/C off during the time you aren't there, that is the only fee you'll pay all year!

Do you have a Special Use Permit filed with the County?

Absolutely; our Special Use Permit is valid and filed in Washington County under “Leisure Properties LLC”.  It is good for 5 more years.  After that time period, they said if we have no issues, they would grant it for a 30 year term.